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Making Your Dreams Come True! - Wednesday 10:00 pm EST and 7:00 pm PST

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We provide you with proven techniques that when practiced daily, go to work for YOU!

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Summary of Talk Radio Programs - Quick Link
1-Three BIG Questions About Dreams 2-"I have a Dream"
Dr. Martin Luther King
3-Dream Stealers/Dream Supporters
President Kennedy's Inaugural Address
4a/b-Christmas 2006: Making Your Dreams Come True Christmas
Alphabet Stew A-Z
5-New Years 2007: Your Personal Investment Portfolio 2006 Review and
2007 Planning Strategy
6-Dr. Evers, Greg Norman, and Guests Live
(Broadcasting January 3, 2007)
7-Welcome to the Wonderful
World of Affirmations!
7a-Affirmations Building Block 1 - Forgiveness 7b-Affirmations Building Blocks (2 and 3)-Thoughts and Mind Power
7c- Builing Blocks (4 and 5) Affirmations, Power Words
Creative Visualization
7d-Master Affirmations Contract
7e-Valentine's Day: Order Him/Her Up!
Affirmations, Love and Relationships!
7f-Affirmations, Kids, Teens and Family 7g-Affirmations, Business and Community Organizations 8- Forming an Affirming Mastermind Group

Remember its in you to "Dare to Dream" and "Make Your Dream Come True"!

Visit the following websites at: for everything you need to know about affirmations
and - Kids and Parents learn affirmations together to strengthen the family and family members

"Making Your Dreams Come True" at 10:00 pm EST; 9:00 pm CST; 8:00 pm MST; and 7:00 pm PST - world wide on the internet at and simulcasted over the airwaves on WARL 1320 AM radio - Providence, Rhode Island, USA, and on

"Don't Die with Your Dreams Inside" Educational CD for Teens and Adults

Don't Die with Your Dreams Inside CD-Cover
Don't Die with Your Dreams Inside
Co-authors and your hosts: Dr. Evers and Greg Norman
Buy this beautiful 3 CD Package for US$29.95
Dare to Dream and Make Your Dream Come True!
Call: Affirmations International Publishing Company TODAY
1-877-923-3476 to order
and enjoy three hours of informative, insightful, and enlightened conversation!

Don't Let Another Year Go By with Your Dreams Still Inside!
Make 2007 the Year You Make Your Dreams Come True!
Talk Radio that Speaks to You!

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