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Making Your Dreams Come True! - Wednesday 10:00 pm EST and 7:00 pm PST

Broadcast Number 4-a and 4-b (December 13 and 20, 2006)
In tonight’s program we are going to provide you the listeners with:

  1. Two Christmas Recipes for "Making Your Dream Come True Alphabet Stew (Part One - Ingredients A to K and Part Two - Ingredients L to Z)
  2. We will end the program with an inspirational thought that you can carry with you throughout the coming week.

Christmas Recipe for “Making My Dream Come True Alphabet Stew

Dr. Evers’ Recipe (Ingredients A-K - Part One)

A is for Acting. We need to act out what we desire and then Act As If it has already taken place.
A is for Affirmative Statements, which exactly describe your dream.
A is for Attention. It is important to give your family members your complete attention at all times and especially during the Christmas Season
A is for Affirmations. To realize dreams it is important to do Affirmations daily
A is for Attracting the ingredients to make your dream comes true.
A is for Appreciating everyone and everything good in your life.

B is for Belief. This is one of the most important ingredients of all. All drams need the element of belief to make them happen.
B is for BIG, Make all your dreams big!
B is for Breathing. Breath into your dreams by taking the appropriate action.

C is for Creativity. Don’t forget to stir the stew with the mixing spoon of creativity.
C is for Consistent. To make a good stew you need to be consistent. Dream Big and expect miracles on a daily basis.
C is for Christmas Carols which you sing with your family.
C is for Christmas Tree. Make decorating your Christmas Tree a family event.

D is for Dedication. Be devoted to your dream, keep it alive and give it power to grow and become.
D is for Desire. Make your desire to complete your dream more exciting than you can imagine.
D is for Dream. This is your dream and yours alone. You are the dreamer
D is for Dancing. It is time to dance and have fun with your family.

E is for Essence. Use of spice of essence to flavor your stew (the essence of you).
E is for Empathy. Sprinkle huge amounts of Empathy from the Empathy Shaker.
E is for Empty Stocking Fund. Give to others who are less fortunate than you.
E is for Excitement. Feel the excitement of this Christmas Holiday Season.

F is for Faith. If you have the faith of a seed of mustard you can perform miracles!
F is for Feeling and Fun. Mix these together to give your stew a delicious aroma and taste.
F is for Food. Enjoy every morsel of your Christmas or Holiday Dinner and all the trimmings.
F is for Family times, enjoying each other.

G is for Gratitude. Add a large, heaping tablespoon of gratitude. When you say thank you obligate the planet for more and open the floodgates of heaven for greater blessings.
G is for Gigantic. Make your Christmas Stew Gigantic. Make it Bigger than you ever imagined!
G is for Gifts. Give the precious gift of yourself. Be present in the now.

H is for Harmony. It is always a good idea to add Harmony. That is harmony in yourself and the Christmas Season. People that eat the stew will wonder why they feel so relaxed and accommodating.
H is for Hope. And Hope is an essential element of any Dream, Stew or idea. Hope means – Help Open Peoples’ Eyes.
H is for Holy. Make this special time of the year Holy for you, your family members and everyone.
H is for Holly. Decorate your home with boughs of Holly.

I is for Inspiring. Inspire your dream with the miracle of knowingness.
I is for Increase. It is time to increase your loving kindness with family members
I is for Invincible. Add this ingredient and you will win and your dream manifests before your eyes.

J is for Journey. This truly is your journey uncovering and discovering and of making your dreams come true!
J is for Joy. Be joyful in all things. This is one ingredient that must not be overlooked.
J is for Jump. After you have carefully decided what you desire, then Jump into your dreams
J is for Just. Be just and fair in all your dealings and it spills over into your dream manifestation.

K is for Key. It is for the key that opens the door to your dream reality.
K is for kindness. Show loving kindness to everyone.

>> (Ingredients L-Z - Part Two) <<

L is for Love. Now put a huge pan of Love into your Christmas Alphabet Stew. Know that Love is the greatest gift of all!
L is for Lasting. Create lasting memories to inspire your dreams.
L is for the Natural Laws of the universe.

M is for Magnificence. Add a large measuring cup of magnificence. Be magnificent in all that you dream, do and are.
M is for Magnify. Magnify the good things in everyone you meet
M is for Magic Magnetic Circle. Create a magic magnetic circle of love that surrounds you every morning.

N is for Nurturing. Oh and don’t forget to add the element of nurturing yourself and others.
N is for New. Make your alphabet soup new and exciting!Make it different than anyone else. And make it unique!
N is for notoriety. No one can do it like you can.
O is for Openness. We must be open to new experiences, people and new places.
O is for observant. Then it is also important to add the element of being observant. Always notice what is taking place around you.

P is for Persistence. This is the glue that sticks the stew together.
P is for Patience. This is another important element. Practice patience especially at this busy time of the Holiday Season.
P is for Prayer. Spend time on your knees praying with your family.
P is for Practice. Practice loving kindness.

Q is for Quietness. Be sure and add Quietness to your stew. Now is the time to go into the silence, focus on your breathing and be quiet. You are in the space that bridges the present to the future.
Q is for questioning. Sprinkle the element of questioning into your Stew. Question things. You can glean more information and learn more when you listen and ask questions. Never just sit back and take things for granted.

R is for Real. Now stir the stew with the ladle of Real. Be real. Be the real YOU. Never try to be someone else or what another person wants you to be. Stand up and be counted. You are the captain of your ship and the only decision maker in your universe.
R is for Reason. Practice being reasonable. When people during this holiday season hold on to outdated ideas or old traditions practice being reasonable. It may mean a great deal to them and their families.
R is for Random Acts of Kindness.

S is for Service. Stir in, in great quantities Service. Be of service to another. Christmas is a time of finding ways to serve. Help out at the Food Bank or Empty Stocking Christmas Fund, etc.
S is for Sweetness. Throw in a large bowl of sweetness.
S is for Self-Esteem. Find ways to increase your self-esteem and when you increase your self-esteem and really truly learn to love, respect and approve of yourself, you give others permission to do the same.
S is for the Spirit of Giving at this Holiday Season
S is for Song of Christmas
S is for Season. The true meaning of Christmas
S is for Star. Attach your Dream to a star, hold on tight and there you are!
S is for Specific. Be specific when creating your dream.
S is for syncc. Be in sync with your dreams, yourself and all others.

T is for Truth. Put ample amounts of truth into your Christmas Stew. Stand on the truth and the truth shall set you free. Also when you tell the truth, you never have to remember that you said previously.
T is for Thankfulness. Temper it with a huge amount of Thankfulness. Say thank you, thank you, thank you for your blessings. When you say thank you, you obligate the planet for more and you open the floodgates of heaven for even more blessings.
T is for Take. Take time for yourself.

U is for Universal. Stir in a huge amount of Universal Love for all.
U is for united. Live in a united way, knowing that you are a part of the whole.

V is for Virtue. Now add a huge helping of virtue. Be virtuous in all that you do.
V is for victory. Add a huge helping of victory, knowing that you dream is now manifesting as affirmed.
V is for Vision. Have a clear, steady vision of where you want your dream to take you.

W is for Wisdom. Now add a cup of Wisdom. Ask for guidance to change the things you can and not the things you cannot and for the wisdom to know the difference. W is for wealth. Add a huge helping of wealth. It is your birthright to be healthy, wealthy and happy. It is you duty to claim it now!
W is for wellness. It is your birthright to be healthy, happy and prosperous!
W is for Wrapping. Wrap all your gifts with absolute love.

X is for the sign of the cross.
X means everywhere.

Y is for YOU! Add a cupful of YOU. You are the only thinker in your universe and the captain of your ship.
Y is for Youth. Sprinkle grains of youth, health and happiness.

Z is for Zealousness. Add the ingredient of zealousness. Be zealous in all your dreams and affirmations. Sprinkle on the grains of being in Zinc. Be in zinc with what you are doing.

Michael’s Recipe - (Ingredients A-K - Part One)

A is for affirming and acting for my Dream

B is for Braving and Believing in my Dream
B is for Being the Cause and being at Cause of my Dream

C is for Consciously Committing to Create my Dream
C is for the change I willingly make to allow my Dream to come true
C is for celebrating each and everyday of the Dream
C is for clarity and being carefully clear about my Dream

D is for Daring to Dream
D is Deliberately and Decisively Deciding to Do my Dream
D is the Destiny that my Dream entails

E is for Embracing my Dream with all of my Heart
E is for the Encouragement I give others in their Dreams
E is for all the Dream Elements I have in place
E is for the Enthusiasm I have for my Dream

F is for fulfilling my Dream’s heart desire
F is for giving most favored status I give to my dream to make it come true
F is for Focus I need in the Dream

G is my Dream that is to the Good of All
G is for Gratitude I Practice each day for each-and-every small and great blessing along the way
G is for Gathering Dream Support

H is my Heart-felt gratitude I express each day
H is for the hope that my dream inspires in me

I is for the insight about myself and others that my Dream inspires
I is the intelligent choices I make to make my Dream come true
I is the for investment of time, energy, effort, and money

J is for the Joy that my Dream Imparts
J is for the Joy with which my Dream Starts

K is for the Knowledge that I have done all that I can do to make my Dream come true

>> (Ingredients L-Z - Part Two) <<

L is lessons learned along the way
L is for liberating myself from my self-imposed limitations
L is for living my dream fearlessly
L is for the lightness of being that I fell in the dream

M is for living moment-by-moment for Dream time is Now!
M is for Mastering Peacefully those things that stop my Dream
M is for monitoring the dream-encouraging its progress to its completion
M is for moving my dream towards action
M is for the Mastermind for the dream that I am

N is for Now, the time when all things get done
N is for now the only time when my dream is and comes true

O is for the Openness to all Opportunities that come my way when I Dare to Dream on my life’s way
O is for my outcomes clearly defined

P is for the principles and principals that support my Dream
P is for the Dream Practice I do each day
P is for the movement of my dream from potential to probability
P is passionate desire to realize my dream

Q is for the Quest and the Questions that my Dream instills, calling for answers as I travel each my Dreams Highway
Q is for the Six Master Questions I learned long ago

R is for releasing all things and any dream stealers that hold my Dream back
R is for reading about other people’s dreams—I learn from others, what they did to see their dream come true—I might do the same
R is for resting in my dream
S is for Keeping it Simple and Straight forward
S is for step-by-step as I make my Dream a Reality
S is for saying my dream affirmation each day

T is if the thoughtfulness I practice always
T is for “Thank you, that’s all I can say!”
T is for thinking about my dream from many different points of view
T is for trusting in my dream

U is for Us all-in-it-together, my other self Dreaming
U is for the unique nature of my dream
U is for the urgency of my dream
U is for the ultimate trip my dream is taking me one!
V is for small Victories encountered each day
V is for visualizing my dream in art, music, body movement

W is winning in all that I do; a win for me is a win for you!
W is for WOW” I did it! The wonder I did it!

X marks the spot and that’s where I’ll be
X is for the x-treme, x-hilaration and x-citement I feel when my Dream I do Live

Y is for You and Y is for me! (Your—There is our is your)
Y is for yesterdays never remembered
Y is for Yeah! I did it! Did you?

Z is for zeal that I experience each day, the zeal that propels me to my Dream Day
Z is for being in the zone
Z is for the zest I feel and with which I get my dream done
Z is the zenith, the summit when my dream comes true
Z is for 3, 2, 1, zero—blasting off to my new reality!

Additional Insightful Ingredients

  1. Allowing my dream to be and to come true
  2. Attitude possessing a positive attitude to get you through the rough spots
  3. Aptitude ability to learn and understand the dream process and grwo through it
  4. Attraction Principle/Law of Attraction: That which I am seeking is seeking Me! More gathers More (of the same)
  5. Desire is really made up of two words: de (of) and sire (to give birth to). Example: Siring a horse-You take the very best mare and stallion have them mate and bring forth a magnificent offspring. What are you siring today?
  6. Enjoyment for entering the joy of living and journeying my dream
  7. Friendship and Family with whom I share my dream
  8. Fullness that I feel when I am living my Dream
  9. Food/Nutrition and Nourishment for my dream. My dream needs to be fed daily with gentle encouragement
  10. Honour I honour my dream, myself, and others. I treat my dream, myself, and others with greatest dignity!
  11. Kindness (loving kindness) not only for others but also expressed towards myself
  12. Magnanimous be generoous - give out of the wealth of your abundance of experience and earthly goods
  13. Relax into and be relaxed with your dream progress.
  14. Sympathy is feeling "Sorry for" you come from a position of superiority. ie. "Oh you poor thing." Pat on the head--a rather condescending attitude.
    Empathy is "Feeling with" You come from a place of equality and identification with the other person.
  15. Sarah - Humble and humility
  16. Everett - Plan your dream and work the plan to make your dream come true
  17. Cindy – K is for Keeping your promises (to self and others ie. Keeping appointments, timelines, and commitments)
  18. Susan – Helpful – helping others –your dream has to be bigger than yourself
  19. Kevin – future—don’t live in the future---deal with what is happening right now in the dream and do it now!

Inspirational Thoughts

"Dream lofty dreams, and as you dream, so shall you become. Your vision is the promise of what you shall one day be; your ideal is the prophecy of what you shall at last unveil."
James Allen 1864-1912, Author of "As a Man Thinketh"

"If you have a dream, give it a chance to happen."
Richard M. DeVos , American Businessman, Co-founder of Amway Corp.

Remember its in you to "Dare to Dream" and "Make Your Dream Come True"!

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