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Programs, Products, and Services

Take advantage of our reasonably priced e-books and pdf formatted publications, webcasts, podcasts, tele-conferences, tele-classes, tele-seminars, and programs.

KAP - Kids Affirmation Program

Kids Affirmation Program

The Kids Affirmation Program ( - A Home - School Program
Kids and Parents learn about and practice affirmations together. KAP provides a fun-filled, safe, and secure learning environment that teaches children strategies for positive daily living and learning, at school, at home, and at play. This interactive and experiential program affirms and strengthens each child’s worth, personal value, and giftedness.

The KAP Program is made up of two learning modules.
· Grades K to 3
· Grades 4 – 6

Don't Die with Your Dreams Still Inside
(An Educational CD for Teens and Adults)

Don't Die with Your Dreams Inside CD-Cover
Don't Die with Your Dreams Inside
Co-authors and your hosts: Dr. Evers and Greg Norman
Buy this beautiful 3 CD Package for US$29.95
Dare to Dream and Make Your Dream Come True!
Call: Affirmations International Publishing Company TODAY
1-877-923-3476 to order
and enjoy three hours of informative, insightful, and enlightened conversation!

Don't Let Another Year Go By with Your Dreams Still Inside!
Make 2007 the Year You Make Your Dreams Come True!

Teen Personal Affirmations Kit
(Teen PAK)

Teen Personal Affirmation Kit (Teen PAK) is an exciting, infromation-packed program that prepares teens for the real world. Learn through the power of self-discovery; observe what you say and do; Learn to negotiate your way through life; determine and commit to your definitions of personal, professional, and relational success; practice conflict resolution process; set goals and achieve them; plan for success; choose the career you "care-er" about; and learn the secret power of affirmations to have the life you want!

School of Affirmations
Adult Programs

School of Affirmations Logo

Coming Soon!
Learn to recreate your life through exciting and innovative courses on-line.

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